Broadly speaking I offer three main services -  Lifestyle Shoot, Print Only, and Mini-Shoot. However, every client will be given a bespoke service depending on what the particular session needs. That will be determined with an initial consultation where we will go through the details of locations, styles, timings and most importantly desires. There is little point in me trying to get the artwork you want to shoehorn into a package that I have created. Instead we will create a package between us. Photography should be a very personal experience, so to make sure you want me to be your photographer please take time to read about me on my About Me page.



This is my premium service - potentially a once in a lifetime photoshoot. We are going to be spending a couple of hours, or however long it takes, getting a range of photographs. We will be exploring many locations, and potentially a few outfit changes. And all of this will be tailored to what we have imagined during our initial consultations. During those conversations we can go through styling - both photographic and personal styling - as well as how best to prepare both you and your horse for the photoshoot.

As this is my premium service there will be a session fee, this is to cover the time spent preparing for the photoshoot as well as my time to both take, and process, the photographs ready for viewing. Now I am aware that my clients are very involved with that preparation, so there is a little gift by way of a thank you for all your hard work too - I always offer a 16”x12” framed print of your choice.

Once the photoshoot is completed I will start to prepare a finished gallery, where we can view all the photographs and continue where we left off in those initial consultations. By means of a virtual studio we can choose your favourite images, and decide which pieces you want to see hanging from your walls.

InteriorInteriorInterior with fireplace in farmhouse style.

Print Only

If you have a very specific piece of wall art in mind this is by far the most suitable choice. As this is a print only option I don’t offer downloads, but I do waive the session fee. This service is similar to my Lifestyle service in many ways. We will be planning the shoot well in advance, so that we have a very clear idea of precisely the piece - or pieces - of wall art that you looking for to hang in your home. After the shoot I will prepare an online gallery, so that we can have a virtual meeting to fine tune selections and to see what further editing might be needed for that final, spectacular print.



Perfect if you want a range of photographs with you and your horse. Photos that you want to use as a memory to share with the world. This is a 45 minute session, plenty of time to explore locations, and even outfit changes. But don’t think that, being a mini-shoot, I will be any less attentive than with any other service I provide. We will still have the same level of preparation, and the same high level of photography on the day. Although the session fee reflects that it is a 45 minute session, I am well aware that horses do not wear watches - so that time is flexible!

After the photoshoot I will prepare an online gallery, in the same way that I do for other services. You will receive a link, and a password, so that you can view all the edited images, and all prints or downloads can be ordered direct from that gallery.




As each shoot will be different, pricing will reflect what it is that you need from me. During our consultation I can go into more details with prices, but it simply breaks down to an hourly rate plus any product purchased. A session can start as low as £60 for a Mini-Shoot, but my pricing is transparent so if you want more you will know precisely where you money is being spent.