Covid-19 Hand WashCovid-19 Hand Wash

COVID-19 Plan

Last updated 01/06/2020


As the country slowly, and carefully, eases its lockdown policy many small businesses are starting to re-open in a modified fashion. Fortunately the way my business is run has not required me to make many changes to my working practises. The majority of my work is done on a one to one basis, or a very small number of people, and I tend to favour ‘long’ lenses, so there would never be any issue with distancing.

Below is a list of procedures and guidelines that I will follow in order to be compliant with government advice, and to keep both myself and my clients safe.



  • Sanitisation - All my equipment will be sanitised before and after each photo shoot. Although I do not expect ant client to come into contact with my camera kit, it is good practise to avoid any cross contamination. Likewise I will always have a supply of hand sanitiser on me.


  • Maintaining Distance - Using lenses with a longer focal length means that there would never be a situation where I need to be any closer than 3-4 meters from my subject, this means social distancing advice can be more than accommodated.


  • Limited Guests - I have always encouraged my clients to bring a family member or friend. As part of this plan I would encourage my clients to limit any guests where possible. However, If I am working with a young person I would still require a responsible adult to be present.


  • Additional Precautions - For your particular shoot, or if you have any concerns, please let me know if there any other guidelines you would like me to follow, eg. The use of masks or gloves.


Due to the nature of the NHS's "track and trace", if you are required to self isolate - then any bookings will be postponed up to a maximum of 28 days. This also applies to me, if I become symptomatic.