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Before I even begin, if you are about to place an order with me - thank you! Taking the photographs and editing them is only ever half the story. Getting artwork hanging on your wall is the final, and most important, step. However, because there are a variety of products to order online purchasing can seem a bit daunting... which is why I have written this helpful guide.

Firstly, before you even think about placing an order, you will need to register for a free account, this page is located under "Client Galleries - Log In" in the main menu. This is so that you will have your own little area that can allow you to "favorite" the best photos, which makes selecting much easier. It also allows the site to remember what you have in your cart, so there is no need to feel pressurised into completing everything in one session. It is not essential that you do this immediately, but it certainly is a useful way to begin.

With your account set up you can go to your gallery, either by finding it in the client galleries or following the link I sent to you. Once you are in your gallery The first thing to notice are the [SELECT PHOTOS] [BUY] [SHARE] [SLIDESHOW] buttons on the top right, above the thumbnails. The [SLIDESHOW] button does exactly that - it takes you to a slideshow of all the photos in the gallery. The [SHARE] button gives you the link to the gallery you are looking at, if you do share please remember that it will be password protected - so you will need to give that out too, if you want others to see the gallery. To select photos simply click on [SELECT PHOTOS] and you will be asked to select photos (pretty straightforward), when you hover over a thumbnail you select the circle, bottom left, in the thumbnail. The photos which you have selected can now be added to your favourites (this is why it's best you registered your account first). Those favourites photos go into a separate "favourites" gallery with your refined selection. You could also, from this screen, buy all the selected photos although this will take you straight to the shop and only allow you to allocate one product for all the photos you just selected. This is a fantastically quick way to buy a lot of 9x6 prints, for instance - or to purchase the downloads. 

In order to get the full range of products you will need to allocate a product for each photograph, but I have made this site so that there is a a quick way, and a complete way.

From the main gallery, with all the thumbnails, if you hover over a thumbnail you can either share that image over social media (clicking on any top these social media icons brings up a small, separate window for you) or you can [BUY]. Clicking onto the buy button takes you to the purchasing gallery, this is the gallery you will be mostly returning to... and it looks a lot like this:

Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 10.31.38Purchasing Gallery

So from this gallery you can still do all the same things that you could from the main gallery - you can favourite, share, and view a slideshow, but most importantly is the shopping window to the right. (In the image above all the prices are zeroed. In your gallery the prices will be displayed, and they will match the price list that you may have received from me.)

The Quick Way

In that shopping window are ten of the most common products I offer. Clicking the + button puts that photo, with that product straight into your cart so that you can very quickly go through all the photos that you want. It is worth noting that any framed print chosen will go into your cart with a black frame as standard. If you want to change the frame design this can be done from the cart. Once you have added all the products from those 10 quick choices you can go to your cart and complete your purchase, or you can make those final changes first if you wish.

The More Complete Way

If you know that you want a frame different to the Confetti Black Frame that comes as standard, or if you want to see what other product are available. Then you click on the big [VISIT SHOP] button just below my logo. This sends you to a page where you can select from all the different options available for the photograph you were just looking at. Once you have made your choice you need to add that to your cart and return to the gallery - which will be exactly where you were before you clicked to visit the shop.


So there you have it. I have tried to make the shopping experience as enjoyable, and as simple as I can, but if you do need any assistance feel free to call me. Or if you want we could always set up a Zoom meeting and go for a virtual chat.


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