So why me?

The best training I had, to take great photos, was studying art at college. I learned about composition, lighting... the basis of what makes an image work. A good photographer is not defined by how many megapixels their camera has, or who it's made by. It's about how that camera is used as a means of capturing a moment in time - for recording history, or documenting life.

I have been very fortunate as a photographer. I started by covering weddings, working with some lovely couples who would let me share their day, with their guests - to capture the happiest day of their lives. Those years of photographing weddings very quickly helped me develop my style, and how to approach any given shoot with a calmness that only comes with experience. Since then I have worked in theatre, portraiture and large group photography. It is thanks to the work with the group photography that I have had my most prestigious work though, photographing military groups and senior royals in some of the finest locations the world has to offer.

Essentially, over the years, I've photographed people and animals in all situations - up to my knees in freezing mud to get the right angle on a Cob, to being in Buckingham Palace to photograph heads of state, or crammed in a dark and hot orchestra pit. But it's the days outside, in the field, working with different people and their horses that inspires me the most. My whole family rides (I do a bit, but my daughters put me to shame), so it feels as though I spend almost as much time at the yard as I do behind the camera!

So with years of time spent with horses, and a wealth of experience in getting that shot - I am well placed to make some great art from your life. In order to know a little more about what I can do for you, please visit my services page - or to see if my style matches your vision please look at my portfolio for some selected work (if you want more, my Instagram and Pinterest pages are a good place).


“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.” – Claude Monet